WWE FORCED TO DESTROY Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville’s Romantic Relationship! SONYA SPEAKS OUT

Hey guys and welcome back to wrestling world If you’ve been following wwe closely over
the last few years then you already know that there currently isn’t any LGBT story lines
going on This dates back to 2016 where Stephanie McMahon
revealed in a interview that it was something that wwe had plans for and was working on
for the near future Stephanie had this to say way back in 2016: “when it makes sense … absolutely we will
integrate the storylines into our programming.” Stephanie revealed that it wasn’t something
they were working on immediately but that there would be an opportunity for it real
soon WWE also has a partnership with GLAAD, a media
advocacy organization, to speak with the WWE writers and advice them what words to use
and what words to stay away from and not use So it was looking like wwe was making real
progress on making something happen, but we’re here now several years later and still no
story has come from it But there was a huge missed opportunity just
most recently This opportunity of course being Sonya Deville
and Mandy Rose Sonya and Mandy first came into wwe back in
2015 as a part of the tough enough season They came into the wwe scene back then with
Mandy having modeling experience and Sonya having her mma background The two of them quickly became friends on
tough enough and that rolled into their close friendship that they have today Neither Sonya or Mandy actually won the tough
enough competition though The winners of tough enough, Josh and Sara
Lee, both really went no where with their wwe careers Josh was fired for some Backstage controversy
and Sara Lee was taken off the road and never heard from again after her pregnancy But wwe did sign three of the losing competitors
and they were the ones that turned out to be the big stars, these three of course being
Mandy Rose, Sonya Deville, and the velveteen dream Sonya made her wwe debut in NXT back in 2017
as this very serious MMA like character And by late 2017, Sonya and Mandy were already
on the main roster alongside paige as part of the group “absolution” They made a heavy impact upon their debut,
The group was short lived though due to Paige’s injury, but Mandy and Sonya would continue
their tag team and went by the name of Fire and Desire Being the first ever female superstar to come
out, Sonya felt like she had an entire community behind her that she had to be a role model
for, so that’s exactly what she started to do She started to wear all rainbow attire and
if you pay close attention, she’ll often have a rainbow flag hanging out her back pocket
just as a way to send a message to the fans she is representing But Sonya soon realized that wearing Multi
color gear just wasn’t enough, she wanted a story line and wasn’t going to stop until
she got it Sonya revealed that she was constantly pitching
ideas to wwe creative and that they would listen to her and informed her that if they
ever come up with a way to use it, they’ll let her know and in mid 2019, Sonya got some
of the best news ever Wwe had pulled Sonya and Mandy to the side
and told them that they were going though with a romantic storyline between the two
of them, something that has never been done before in wwe Sure wwe hinted at the idea way back in the
day with Torrie Wilson and sable for example, but wwe never had a full written out story
for a female couple ever before So Sonya and Mandy were really about to make
wwe history with this story Sonya was beyond excited and Mandy was fully
accepting and loved the idea as well The story would just be about Mandy and Sonya
falling for each other and tearing up the women’s tag team division at the same time We did even get the first teaser of this story
way back in June 2019 when Sonya was adjusting Mandy’s hair in the middle of the ring after
their match and it made the Internet buzz with excitement Another issue that had popped up for Sonya
is that her actual real life girlfriend wasn’t so thrilled about story line with Mandy either But they later on got news from creative that
the idea was scrapped and that they were dropping it That’s why we never got a follow up to that
moment that they had in the ring And it really is unfortunate that it was cancelled
because there was just so much story that you could’ve pulled from that on screen
relationship They could’ve gone the direction of Mandy
turning on Sonya and revealing that she was lying and manipulating her the whole time,
which could’ve really turned Mandy into the heel and Sonya would’ve been the heartbroken
sympathetic babyface Or you could’ve gone another direction and
reveal something like Sonya cheating with another girl, making Mandy Rose the baby face
in the situation, but hopefully that wouldn’t have turn out anything like rusev and Lana’s
story there was just so much potential and story
to tell there that you really could’ve gone any direction with, so it really is unfortunate
that wwe gave up so fast on the idea before it really got rolling Sonya was the one who took the news the hardest
and was really emotional and upset about the entire situation Sonya revealed that this isn’t over yet
and that she will still constantly push for some version of this story to actually happen
again in the near future what are your thoughts on wwe canceling this
story line between Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville? Leave your comments, don’t forget to subscribe,
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  1. If you're wondering what ever happened to that moment Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville shared earlier this summer and where it was supposed to go then here's everything that happened regarding that story line. Do you think WWE missed a big opportunity by getting rid of this story line? Leave your comments, don't forget to Subscribe, and leave a like if you enjoyed! Thanks for watching guys!

  2. Half the video talks about their history. And he speaks slowly just to drag the video to 7 minutes.
    y0wIe w0wIe

  3. The WWE Universe was pretty aware that they weren't a couple because Mandy Rose had previous relationships with men and Sonya DeVille is in her own relationship. WWE / VKM would be in favor of anything like that BUT it's best LEFT ALONE. Chuck and Billy as well as Torrie Wilson and Dawn Marie FAILED SO DON'T go there.

  4. Like Paige said, WWE doesn't push the women wrestlers at all, Sonya and Mandy could be a new franchise with Ember Rhia Bianca Vega and Cross

  5. They should totally bring the storyline back I don't like when people force LGBT things down your throat I find it cringy but if told Right it could be amazing and ground breaking it could literally be like Trish vs Mickie James and a perfect way to break them up.

  6. Wwe needs this type of storyline for a equal playing field.
    Wwe did the whole Chuck and Billy wedding and storyline and had ricco as their manager

  7. I'm tired of ALL this LGBT BULLSHIT, and the Leftist propaganda being shoved down everyone's throats. Hollywood is learning the "Get woke, go broke" lesson, and I think WWE has enough problems without dishing THAT extra misery out to itself.
    Give us athleticism and drop the woke storylines, or you'll continue you trip down the toilet.

  8. Sonya Deville should be a goddamn babyface. Because she's a champion for the LGBT community. Any other promotion, she'd be a babyface. And Mandy should be a babyface too by default.

  9. Paige is right
    Women division on both RAW and Smackdown are boring and wasted because of these Four Horsewomen except the Women division in NXT

  10. Mandy is a little slut and Sonya is the better half and the better looking half in my opinion Sonya is Fire AND Desire plus she has a gf they need to leave it alome before they ruin her real life relationship

  11. This storyline would have been just as disgusting as the one with Lana, Rusev and Lashley. What more can you say. I would expect no less from the WWE management.

  12. Here's a thought. Stop the stupid story lines and get back to wrestling.
    Anymore wrestling is a soap opera.
    I want real action without something having to have some deep meaning behind it.
    Just wrestle

  13. I respect Sonya being gay but I don’t like wen she keeps shoving her beliefs on us n it’s too cringy it’s annoying

  14. The whole thing felt so wrong and both women didn’t do the storyline any good with such bad acting. Face it. Most WWEs scripted word for word dialogue are ridiculous 😂

  15. Lol i wouldnt mind seeing it. I dont think it’s that big of a deal. Would have been better than the garbage they’re doing with alexa and nikki.

  16. I'm GLAAD they came to their senses and backed off. I'll be happy when all this Lana, Rusev and Lashey crap is over as well.

  17. What i dont understand is why was it so EASY for WWE to put crazy insane storyline stuff in ruthless aggression era with no question but now it's like Stephanie McMahon is confused on what she wants. And no sh^t, that Mandy/Sonya storyline was catching fire in summer of 2019 with announcement of Eric Bischoff. Too Bad it all tanked and went nowhere…

  18. This is one of the aspects of an WWE LGBTQ meddling, especially with Vince’s regime in control, I feared for this kind of storyline. They’d come up with defective storylines to LGBTQ community, like HLA, and the good ones that they could do would go right over the heads of the Vince type fans out there (yeah them good’o boy fans).
    So don’t be to sad Sonya even though no LGBTQ storylines yet, at least when you do get them the community will still have an untrained chance without a Vince debacle hanging over it.

  19. I think that they should have gone on w/ the story it's better then idiots being pregnant & treating their man like a bitch & stupid crap w/ Lana rusef & idiot , especially since there are now death threats

  20. First of all Mandy Rose is not a lesbian and she is straight person. Sony Deville and Mandy Rose are best friends and they not in relationship. Sony Deville dating someone else but not Mandy Rose. Mandy Rose and Asuka and they focus on their career. Truth facts. Look at Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch are in relationship and WWE put that in the storyline and if remember Baron Corbin & Lacey Evans feuding against Seth Rollins & Becky Lynch. That is why keep your personal life in private and not in WWE storyline. But its not of my business. I'm the fan of WWE back then and I mean the Attitude Era is whole lot better than Today's WWE.

  21. Didn’t Sonya deville gf use to be with Seth Rollins. My thinking is that she asked creative to stop the storyline between Mandy and Sonya.

  22. Sonya Deville is not the only WWE wrestler that the producer or who ever have rejected ideas from. They did that to other wrestlers.

  23. JMO! WWE needs to keep someone's sexual preference out of the storylines! Wrestling is suppose to be an entertainment orangazation and not a place to expose someone's sexual preference. No one wants to go and see such stuff! Keep the private lives of the entertainers out of the storylines. But people will do anything for money!!! JMO!!

  24. I thought Josh IS Velveteen Dream. As in NXT, Alister Black called the Dream by his name, Josh. He refused to call him the Dream because be had not enough experience to have earned his respect. That led to the fantastic NXT Takeover match where Dream kept telling " Say my name!".. and after Black won, he called him the Dream. So, how did Josh get fired? is he another Josh that came from Tough Enough? I did not see one in that season

  25. What do I think? It's straight up bullshit! I am a trans lesbian. And the fact WWE couldn't scrap the ridiculous Bobby Lashley and Lana storyline but have no problem throwing away LGBT storylines!

  26. Mandy and Sonya could be so good but WWE just have no clue how to use most of their roster. They don't need to make them have a romance especially if it will mess with their real lives. Maybe it's a good thing the story never worked out cuz WWE would make it something insane

  27. The moment they do a LGBT story line, and the people involved are NOT LGBT. They will be asking for more trouble than it's worth.

  28. WWE is working with GLAAD. GLAAD actually stands for Gaystapo Leftists Against Any Disagreement. They are a bunch of fascists who want to ruin people's lives and livelihoods if and whenever soebody doesn't think exactly as they do. That's how these Leftist activist groups roll, especially the ones that are in the business of making their private bedroom habits an in everybody's faces public agenda. I challenge WWE to go ahead and "homosexualize" their story lines and see how it further affects their ratings. Stephanie and the writers will learn the hard way. The narrator of this video thinks the story line being scrapped in "unfortunate." The narrator has no idea what a ratings disaster that would have turned out to be.

    As far as Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose goes, those two together is very stale. they need to simply just be separated and have them both find their own way as far as making it or breaking it when it comes to their careers. They are holding each other back, big time.

  29. I'm glad Sonya's girlfriend wasn't comfortable with the storyline. If she was I wouldn't watch wrestling as much as I do now. Gay people=🤮🤮🤮

  30. I'm not a lesbian or gay, so I don't really care about these storylines. If there is an audience that wants this…..then do it. But knowing the creative product today?…..it will suck like all the other storylines. And if you're not down with that I got 2 words for you…..

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