What’s inside a College Basketball Scoreboard?

– If you were at work and
you don’t know anything about basketball but you know
you’ve gotta do this bracket because your co-workers are
harassing you every single year and you’re like I gotta
fill out my bracket, well why don’t you step it up this year? Two! Oh no! Today is March 12, 2018 today’s the big day.
– One two. – This is the day when people get to see which teams they’re gonna see
in their March tournament. It’s a big deal, right? – Lot’s of people do it. – We have a scoreboard
that we want to cut open because obviously like a scoreboard. – It’s kinda related to basketball. – It is totally related. It’s an actual basketball scoreboard. – It was in a college. – We brought this giant scorer’s table to Adobe’s offices close to our house.
– Where there’s a big letter A. – Check this out. It has a plug. – Whoa look at that,
there’s one little light. – A lot of you probably think of Adobe as a place where you edit videos with Adobe Premiere Pro. Or some of you think of it like oh, I need turn this document into a PDF, well you use Adobe Acrobat
and you PDF the file. People use Photoshop to edit their photos or you use After Effects for videos to make them look fancy. If you don’t know what After Effects is, check this thing out
right now just above us, this crazy thing that’s going on. – I actually don’t know After Effects so I need to look up there. – You’ll see it in the
video because you can’t see it in real life. The odds of you getting
the perfect bracket is one in 9.2 – Quintillion! – Quintillion. And here at Adobe, they are the experts when it come to data and
taking all of this data and breaking it down and
that you can look at it and say okay, how can I be smarter, how can I be more scientific? They actually have a thing this year, it’s called Hack the Bracket. All of these tools that
mega corporations use, like billion dollar
companies use to analyze their competition or
analyze their entire company from the inside to take all their data, and make them smarter and grow, they took all of those
tools and they applied it to college basketball. They’re opening it up to all of us. – All of us.
– To everybody. To all of you guys.
– Everybody. – We are going to challenge
a few of our YouTube friends and we’re gonna challenge all of you guys. – All of you, all of you.
– To compete against us in a graphic challenge. – Probably gonna lose. – This Adobe building is crazy. This is just a room
with a basketball court. (upbeat music) – You want a drink?
– Yeah. – Lemonade. (upbeat music) – That was a little harder than I thought that it would be pushing it out. – It was very hard, it was very cool. – And now we’re gonna
take this and hit it. (Lincoln screams) – Alright this is it. This is the moment. Once inside the scoreboard, it does appear that we can take off these four things and see what’s inside of it. – [Lincoln] But what fun would that be? – That’s super boring
and we don’t do boring on this channel. Come on. One. Two! Oh no! (hammer clanking) We knocked it over. We’re good. All we did was lost some garbage. We lost, hey, we made two cents. – Yeah! – [Dan] We don’t even need
to monetize this video. A straw wrapper with a piece of gum. Can confirm this straw
wrapper is 30 years old. Free gum. (laughs) A gum that is wrapped in a piece of paper. Gum wrapped in electrical tape. – Why so much gum? – Apparently when you’re
watching basketball, you just chew gum like mad. This is about all we did right here. That did not break. – [Lincoln] That in there. – [Dan] That one’s opening up huh? Boom. We are kinda inside of it. This is not the one that we hit. Let’s take off this other one. Aw! Yes, it is open. Oh.
– Apparently this is where all the brains are. Oh there’s spiders and bugs. Oh no look in there.
– Oh my gosh. There’s a spider party in there. Horn felay wiring, horn relay. How many sports teams
use the mascot Aggies? Aggies mean that you milk cows. Where I went to high school, their mascot was the beat diggers. (laughs) Hold this, stabilize it. It looks like you might be
able to slide this somehow. (upbeat music) Alright, I know what this guy is. This is a transformer. This is the same thing you
have on your cellphone charger, it’s just on a bigger scale. And it’s a miniature size
scale of the transformer from the power pole that
we dropped off in a car. Bah, that’s so heavy. This is a circuit board right here. There is a fan right here
that’ll keep it cool. Take a look at this entire scoreboard. All you see are a few lights and a few numbers on the outside. It seems pretty simple. The game is a lot more complex, like we learned from our
friends at Adobe today. Let them analyze the different
statistics when it comes to your bracket and them
implement some of those things. If you’d like to hack your bracket, you can click down below
and thanks to Adobe for sponsoring this video. And now I want to cut open a Jumbotron. Adios.
– Adios. (machine powering down) Quintillion!


  1. Hey Lincoln and dan I did something cool like that just more simple I think it would be nice to make a video with you someday what is did is I busted open a CD player it is not out but I would appreciate it if you where to watch it 👍

  2. What’s inside you are my favorite YouTube channel I know you guys are BYU fans but I am from Georgia And I wish I could meet you in Person And I am a Clemson Tiger Fan

  3. this is the randomest thing ever but creative and i like it thats why i subscribed to you because your creative and all :]

  4. We brought this giant scores table
    to Adobe's offices
    close to our hous-
    Where there's a big letter A!

  5. Having interned at Daktronics I can say the high-school gym type boards aren’t very complex. The circuit boards are fairly simple to design apart from specialized ones.

    It’s the Jumbotrons, the curved multi-LED screens that have to all show the exact intended view all at the exact time with no delay… that’s quite hard to design.

    Keep in mind I have no experience with the physical outside and wires and such, rather the circuit boards and programming them.

    Cool video, now do an NFL jumbotron.

  6. Did you know/ That the Scoreboard uses LCD's? To light it up, It is programmed to use all 7 – 2 lights to make the numbers. The more you know!

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