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Hello! I am National Master Theo Slade
and I learned how to play chess at the age of six. I was the runner-up in
the British U8 Championship and at that tournament I got my first coach who
has coached me every single week until I was 15 so I’m extremely grateful for what
he has done for me. I qualified to play for the England U11 team as an
U10 so a year early and I’ll always remember entering the last round of the
England trial having to win to qualify for the England team and I managed to and I
was extremely happy after doing that and qualifying a year early meant that I
could play for England around Europe for an extra year and I’m sure that helped
my development a lot with all the coaching that I got abroad. I was England’s top
scorer at the World U16 Olympiad in China as an U12 and I’ll always
remember that experience and I’m very proud of that and I have played chess in
13 different countries all told. When I was 12 I started writing for the British
Chess Magazine. I’ve been writing for them ever since with a monthly column. When I
was 15 I moved from England where I had always lived to Orlando, Florida where
I’ve lived since and I became a National Master at the age of 17 which places me
in the top 1% of all US chess players. I have drawn against two
Grandmasters. The highest profile Grandmaster I have played against is
Hikaru Nakamura who is a five-time US Champion and when I played against him
he was the US number one and the world number seven. I graduated high school so
now I do chess full time. I have done simultaneous displays where I play
against multiple opponents at the same time and lectures but I mainly coach.
When I get a new student I always ask for all their games from their last
tournament and we analyze them together in our first lesson but the main point
of me analyzing my students’ games is that I can find their
weaknesses so I can target all my future lessons with them onto the weaknesses.
That’s the best way for them to improve and I do that by showing them model
games in the kinds of positions that they will play. I always ask a lot of
questions to test their understanding along the way and I encourage lots of
questions in reverse: that’s the main benefit of having a live lesson rather
than watching a video, for example. After each lesson, I always email them
with all the materials we discuss so they can review them at their own pace
after each lesson and I think some of the things that make me a good coach is that
I’m a very active player so I keep up-to-date with all the opening
theory, for example, and I’m still young so hopefully I can relate with my young
students as well one of whom over less than an eight
month stretch has increased his rating by over 300 points and in his last
tournament he won it jointly and he’s extremely happy about that so you can
check out his Mom’s review and other Google reviews I have and my website so I
hope to hear from you soon!

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