The Pussycat Dolls Play Who’s Who


  1. Guys, Jessica and Carmit did an interview for ET live and they were asked if all the dolls are going to sing. And Carmit said “ well that’s the plan “ she said Nicole is the lead singer. But that all their voices need to be heard. If they don’t oppose from the beginning Nicole being smart will do it again and have all the leads. Keep tagging asking for the girls to sing

  2. So glad to see all the joy radiating through, I really hope they all stay humble and loving with each other this go around!

  3. Nicole is such a snake to this day you can just see it. She is in this for the money only. Can’t believe the other girls are selling themselves like this again

  4. Wow Nicole messed her face up with all that filler and tightening in her face. Not flattering. Sorry Nicole fans. I love her and all but it’s just facts.

  5. U can feel there no love between them……. Nicole looks so cold …. and ashley do you remember when u Said how howfull it was To be in that group and how Nicole was jealous of u n bullying u .. what money can make u do….

  6. Who forgets the lyrics on stage 😳 The only one that sings maybe 🤣. They seem to be more united now anyway, maybe Nicole need to let herself go a bit more, it seems that she doesn't even know them at times

  7. Wow. I have been following the girls for 15 years. I have never seen them like this, together. Never!!! This is how I wish they had been, the entire time. But, I love them. Carmit and Jessica are my faves.

  8. It great they've come back but it took them too long to realise that everyone should be tested as equal. Them acting like a teen girl group is a bit bit cringe now. There all in their 40s

  9. Nicole still cannot stand to be around them.
    Her face and her body language speak volumes.

    Stop using them and get back onto your failed solo career

  10. Would be nice if during the tour they divide the line distribution of the songs to all 5 girls. That would be an amazing concert.

  11. I think they're still trying to get to know each other better. You can feel that years of separation between them and how they're still trying to reconnect after all these years. I just hope that they put they differences aside or have settled them on order to have a better chemistry.

  12. Apparently the record company wanted to see if they could make any money off this again. Nicole is pretty, she can sing she isn’t jaw dropping. I don’t see what the big deal is with her.

  13. You have the AUDACITY to upload this to BuzfeedUK while at 4:25 this chick is saying salt and vinegar CHIPS?????? GTFOH 😤😤😤

  14. This is still all just an exercise to blow smoke up Nicole’s ass and the others still aren’t gonna get any lead parts. Melody dodged a bullet with this reunion.

  15. Really nice to see a video of the Pussycat Dolls where they’re all speaking and interacting. Getting to see more personality from Kimberley, Jessica and Carmit is really nice.

  16. I love their personalities so much 💖💚😤💕❤😭💙💛💙😤🧡💗💙💚💖😍❤🧡💗💙😫💖💚❤💕

  17. Question: Who….. Is most likely to forget the lyrics???

    True PCD Fan: seriously, what kind of question is that? We all know there is only one lead singer! Duhhhh~ ofcourse Nicole. HAHAHA

    Kimberly and Ashley reaction say it all like : whatttt?

  18. 3:25 Nicole’s face when they pointed to her. The other girls didn’t even say anything, they just laughed hysterically 😂😂😂

  19. I chucked and enjoyed this. I feel like as long as they continue to enjoy each other, many people will enjoy them more. Songs & Dancing aside, people can smell bullshit. They look happy.

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