The Best Nintendo Switch Games of 2019 featuring EVERYBODY


  1. "Do Pokemon Sword and Shield improve on Game Freak's prior efforts?" They'd actually have had to put effort into these games before the answer to that question would be a resounding, "Yes!"

  2. I could have sworn I was already subscribed… either I'm getting Alzheimer's, or YouTube occasionally decides to unsubscribe me from a random channel… or both.

    Anyway, subbed. Or… resubbed?

  3. I don't even get to the end of the video yet, but, I demand this to become a thing, every year until I die, Bob, are you deaf, your hair is blocking your ability to hear me right now, I'm not going anywhere

  4. My favorite was probably Super Mario Maker 2. I don't have a lot of games on the switch, but this one is the one I spent the most time on, and enjoyed the most.

  5. LOL. It was a great idea to collaborate. You and Wood were great together. Everyone else was great too. I check out Sean/Shawn/RGT (Don’t know how to spell his name right lol) and look forward to seeing the other creators I learned about here. Thank you for the great video, everyone. Happy Holidays and a Happy New Years to all of you

  6. Wow…. what in the world are these YouTubers talking about pokemon sword and shield??? Are they all sellouts?? Unsubbed on all of them what the freak

  7. This is why game freak can get away with legit shit. Pokemon is nowhere near the potential it could be. Best pokemon game?? so like best fifa game? No longer respect these ppl opinions.

  8. How could anyone get lost in Pokemon's open world? It's smaller than my bedroom. I feel like Ball guy made up for all the bad, but I still think the game is so fucking slow and boring both in story and battle. Even turning off animations in battles each turn takes more time than I would like.

  9. Awesome video! Nice to see all content creators together supporting the Switch! Love all the games that I play on that console! 😀

  10. That guy who said SS are the best looking pokemon games completely missed the point. It's about the sheer laziness and the fact that they could have done so much better, especially for the switch. Also, they are far from the best games to date

  11. Game Freak released a buggy, half assed mess and should be ashamed of themselves. I took it back to the store and traded it in.

  12. I’m currently playing Pokémon shield rn but I do gotta say we gotta make a stand and say something about Pokémon Games for the future. They make so much money as a company that they need to ATLEAST update the shitty ass animations. I’m so tired of the move “tackle” animate so poorly. It’s looked the same since Pokémon yellow.

  13. Extremely disappointing that y'all are praising the laziest game of the year as the best game of the year. Unsubbed, Im sorry, I always enjoyed a lot of the channels featured here but really now, in an era where the only way gamers have a vote is with their wallet and reviews, you guys with influence decide to put on fanboy glasses and praise garbage, laziness and flat out lies from gamefreak. Thanks but no thanks.

  14. I'll be the odd one out. Our favorite game for 2019 was …… Evoland 1 and 2. I'm surprised it didn't get any love. Considering it's a mix of Zelda, Final Fantasy, a little Mario mention in it. It's a great RPG , though it's not a very long game. Though it does have lots of replayability. It was a huge hit in our house.

  15. Fire emblem was my fav game this year. I put more than 200h into it, I love the story, gameplay, characters, and I still got 1/5 routs left.

  16. I don’t really understand how you can “put 100s of hours” into Pokémon when it takes barely 10 hours to beat and has only a few more hours of post game. I’ll admit you could easily stretch it into the high 80s or 90s but hundreds? I find it hard to believe.

  17. Pokémon Sword/shield ain’t that bad graphics wise. The trees aren’t that bad idc about your opinion and response to this comment.

  18. This video was so hilarious and dope. Was almost perfect. Wish Arlo and the Gamexplain crew were in this video but nonetheless, this video was so amazing. Glad everyone collaborated!

  19. I really enjoyed this video even though: I haven't played any of these games; I don't even own a switch!; I haven't been a gamer since around 1999, I'm 33 now

    The whole video is a very creative, fun and funny idea.

    Kudos! 😁

  20. Gamers:i love pokemon sword and shield
    Playnrock124:totaly roasting the games and destroing them

    (If you dont now who is playnrock124 search him up on yt his very funny)

  21. Luigis Mansion 3 is as gay as those host that picked it, thats going tobe as dead as Paper Mario. Nintendo needs to start geat it's shit together whats going to happen to the Switch after playstation getts its Hemii Engine put in , MMMMMMMMMM,PS5,MMMM
    Super Nintendo was the last real Nintendo System, everyone Entertainment System after that was like hearing about BigFoot Sitting, you fucken knew they Where out there but you never saw one, the Switch is 10 years too late WiiU , you Smell that somebody dropped an EGG lol!!
    Doh!!!! Wheres your GTA 5 at How about Red Dead Redemption 2 how about RD1.
    Hey Lexa could you find me GTA5 for the Nintendo Switch Please.
    Lol she just laughed at me and called me cruel, ok Lexa how About A game from FromSoft?
    The Switch is weak ,people who back Nintendo are Fake sell out Wana be Gamers,we used to take your lunch money in school go buy PS1 Nintendo killed the Preservation of Gaming. 100 million Dollar lawsuit 2 weeks later Nintendo classic was here with a follow-up Super Nintendo 6 months later . Yea Nintendo really cool to the Gaming Community a community that ive been involved with for 34 years making me 40 years old. Its because of weak as crews like this one we lost everything, they Smacked us in the face with Emulation and you guy's took it like Champs, lol thats why your buying all your WiiU games all over again at a full 60 dollars Years latet . Nintendo screwed all the Devs and game developers telling them to take a hike . Sent them up a creek with no paddles, thats ok though Sony sent them all life Jackets and here we are , a thumbnail with a gold Turd in your hand thats got about 8 more months of life, than back to the Drawing boards Boy's wondering where'd we go wrong this time, and who's gonna get that big old smack in the face, You guys with the Golden Nintendo Switch's and the 89 T-Top FireBirds thinken you where the shit but when we See some Fool with a Switch , cool name by the way, should have been called the Twitch in my opinion were not laughing with you were laughing at you . Loose the Nintendo Gear, its weak as shit and the Nintendo Brand name has ripped off every Gamer that has ever invested money into this hobby, EMUPARIDISE was the Please touch Museum for Gamer's that Nintendo erased .
    So they could keep selling outdated products. Most of those games warnt even owned by anyone they had been long out of business, Nintendo had Mario and Zelda , most of the good Nes and Super Nes games where out sourced or made by Indie developers . I loved Nintendo till 2018 they turned the taste in my mouth so sour and Sick when they killed years of Hard manual labor , that guy had more love in his one finger than they have in a whole multimillion dollar corporation that we made Funded, invested our families hard earned money . Say what you want about SonyPlaystation but they know how to treat there backers and Customer base I Have over 150 Great games all PS4 Disk copies with Sony Playstation single player exclusive titles at the very top
    PS4 Library was built for the Players first . Microsoft and Nintendo are built for Greed, using chanels like this to funnel
    In the cash.
    " Gamers don't Know what they want , Single player Games are Dead "
    Geuss We wanted lootboxes and multiplayer
    Online Games only, with a 60 dollar lifetime Price tag lol
    Under powered outdated tech
    But dont worry Skyrim and Fallout look and run outstanding.

    Sorry about this rant , when ever i see a Nintendo Top anything come up on my You Tube Feed
    It sends chills down my Spine.
    Don't back Scum throw it away and get as far away from it as possible, just ask Tod Howard

  22. Choosing Pokémon Sword & Shield as the best game of 2019 is an insult to every other game released. It was the lazyest cash grab of 2019.

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