SUNNYSIDE UP | Season 1 | Ch. 4: “The Chess Set”

– Opal! come in here! – [Narrator] For those
of you who don’t know, LARP stands for Live Action Role Play. It’s kind of like a
comic-con for fantasy fans. Pearl became obsessed with
the Wizard Wars series after reading all the books with her Dad. – [Dad] She would teach
them, she would teach herself well, that does it. – Are you ready for volume 10? – [Narrator] Eventually, they started going to
LARP events together. – And now I present the sword of Avadon to the brave Elfen Warrior
Princess Andromeda. – [Narrator] And she’s never stopped. Not even the inner circle knows
about Pearl’s secret hobby. (camera shutters) Until now. (Upbeat tempo) ♪ I was lost ♪ ♪ Everything I’m doing has a cost ♪ ♪ I think it’s finally
time that I move now ♪ ♪ Into a new house ♪ ♪ You know the sun gets hot
at the top of the world ♪ ♪ When it’s sunny side up ♪ ♪ Things are better with a swirl ♪ – Opal! Have you been going through my stuff? – Of course not. – What about Lily? Was she in here with you? – Just that one time, but we were looking for Mr. Ham. – What a delightful handbag. Your father has always been so trendy. – I don’t think it’s a handbag. – [Narrator] Lily always
like the queen the best. She moves in any direction she wants and carries more weight than
any other piece on the board. – Lily! – [Narrator] Lily’s dad always
meant to teach her the rest – Daddy just called. He said he’s not gonna be able to finish the game with you today, but he’s gonna call later, okay? – [Narrator] She’s still
waiting on that rain check. – (knocks on door) Your door was unlocked – And? – I thought we could walk
to the bus stop together. – I can walk myself. – Oh! Chess set! Is this from China? – You’re not good at
social queues, are you? – [Narrator] Lily hasn’t had friends over in a very very very long time. – What’s with the wet bread? – I’m polishing the pineapple, my sourdough wouldn’t sell and
I just hate throwing it away. – Cool, if you use less yeast
the bread will last longer. – Now that is clever! – We should go. – Guiding Principal number 280: Focus your energy to strengthen your power. Now mold your chi to a ball of energy. Bring it in and push it, feel that energy. – [Narrator] First Principal of Chess: To corner an opponent,
threaten something valuable. For Pearl nothing is more
valuable than her reputation – You have something I want – You made me drop my energy ball. – I want it back or your
fired from babysitting Opal. – If I’m fired the pictures out. – Are you blackmailing me? – It’s not blackmail, it’s job security. I need this job. I can’t afford to have you try
to fire me every other week. – You little– – Now share your energy with
the partner you wish to heal. – [Narrator] That’s check for Lily. – Bring it in and push it out, yes. – Hey Mila! Wow, are you learning German? I didn’t know they taught that here. – They don’t. My dad thinks it’s important for me to be trilingual before college. – Is there anything you can’t do? – (in German) Du gehst mir auf den Keks and that means your walking on my cupcake. – Impressive, well I’ll
see you in Art Club? – Okay so it’s called the perfect penalty. Avery’s helping me calculate the right amount of
the speed of viscosity. – You mean velocity? – Right! – [Narrator] Chess principle number 2: Don’t let distraction get in
the way of your target goal. – He is so not a distraction. – [Narrator] Right. – Sounds like your project is really gonna disrupt the soccer world. – [Zane] Well that’s the idea. – She makes talking to boys look so easy. – That’s not a boy. That’s my brother. – What’s so funny? – Oh we were just talking about CUDDLE. – You’re doing CUDDLE? – Pearl will be very
interested to hear about this. – [Narrator] Principal number 3: Know when to retreat. – And that’s my queue. – Someones in trouble. – Sure you don’t want a quick lesson? – I know how to play. – Because that piece
does not move like that. (giggles) – Lily can I ask you something? – Yeah. – How do you talk to guys so easily? – I guess I just don’t
care what anyone thinks. At the end of the day it’s your life, no one else’s. – I just got your queen. – What? – Oops! – What was that? – You need to learn how to
start respecting peoples stuff. (crowd cheers “fight”) – I’ve got this. – You mess with one of us, you mess with all of us. – Us? – Whoa whoa whoa whoa/1 Pause for the peace ladies. Now who started this? – Pearl! – Pearl! – Pearl! – Lily! – You knocked over my chess set! – It was an accident! (crowd chants in unison) – Silence! – MBE. After school. All of you. – What’s MBE? – And hold, exhale, release all those toxins and animosity, and push that anger
right out of your body. – You really shouldn’t not have down that. – We’re friends deal with it. – Yeah you’d do the same for us. – [Narrator] Principal number 4: The best players rely on the unique strengths of every person, uh piece, on their side. (text bubbles popping) – What happen with you and Avery? She’s like never gotten in trouble before. – I don’t know why don’t you ask Lily? She started it and she stole from me. – That’s what you say
about every babysitter What Lily steal? – I I can’t tell you. – Whatever Pearl, you know what can’t you
just lay off for once. Like Lily is Avery’s first real friend and honestly a pretty good
one from as far as I can tell. – So your seriously taking their side? Wait! Zane! – Hey! Missed you in Art Club today. – Oh yeah sorry. Something came up. – Listen I know you
don’t have a lot of time. Bus comes in 11 minutes, but I was thinking maybe we can go on a 8 minute date sometime? Like now? – An 8 minute date? – Yeah that gives you 3 minutes to spare. If you want. – Yeah! Sure! Why not? – And 8 minutes starts now. (music plays) (watch beeps) – And that’s 8 minutes. – [Narrator] Remember when Lily said – At the end of the day it’s your life no one else’s – You up for 8 more? – [Narrator] I guess she’s
taking Lily’s advice. – Yeah let’s do it! (music continues) – Dad – You are over an hour late. I was about to call the police. – I am so sorry, something came up at Science Club. – Stop lying Mila. – Where are you going? – Back to the restaurant I
was just bringing your dinner. The health inspector comes next week and we have a lot to do. We’ll talk later. (Phone chimes) – [Narrator] Ouch and just like that, Lily remembers why
she’s always flown solo. The more you depend on others, the more vulnerable you are to attack. Especially when your opponent
is thinking 5 moves ahead. – Sorry to scare you but Pearl sent us. – She wants us to talk to you. – It’s about Lily.
– It’s about Lily. (up beat tempo) – [Narrator] Here’s
what’s happening next week on Sunnyside Up – Oh my– – God!
– God! She needs us she could be crying in a ditch somewhere – I made an oatmeal soak
in the bathroom sink – Eww


  1. Here to support Kaycee. Oh BTW, Sean Lew promote this on their latest vlog together. What a supportive friend. I love them both

  2. Pearl: knocks over chess set

    Lily: HEY! What was that?

    Also pearl: You need to start respecting other people’s stuff!

    Lily: didn’t you just knock over my chess set? NOW you’re telling ME to respect other people’s stuff?

  3. Brat is my favorite .i watched all the shows
    Sunny side up (can’t wait for episode 5)
    Chicken girls (Can’t waitttt for season 6)
    Zoe valentine
    Girl named jo
    Total eclipse
    Crazy fast
    Crown lake
    Red ruby
    There is more ….😍🥰💖

  4. Altho I still get annoyed with Pearl's attitude, I find her LARP hobby adorable, especially because it's her bonding experience with her dad. The photo must've meant so much more for her (not just reputation).

  5. 4:20 “Du gehst mir auf den Keks“ actually means “You're walking on my cookie“ (since she said “cupcake“)😉 Greetings from a German fan

  6. This show just started and y'all people are already hatin like take time for it at least for it to take time for it to settle

  7. That German was good 👍🏻😂 it translates to “you go me on my cookie”but it means something like you’re annoying

  8. So I love that Aunt Dee from the Friday movies and The Wayne's, is in this Brat series. Star Power❤❤❤🌟🌟🌟🌟

  9. This show is getting sooo good I hope it came every day can't wait for the next episode Wednesday come quick (Wednesday is the day when it comes for me so I don't know your days and when Sunnyside up comes for u guys) love you brat ❤️💕❤️

  10. The first number of your like is what show you’ll star in:
    1.Sunnyside up
    2.Crown lake
    4.Chicken girls
    6.Total eclipse
    7.Zoe valentine
    8.A girl named Jo
    9.Boss cheer
    0.Crazy fast

    The second number of your like is who you will co-star with:
    1.Annie Leblanc
    2.Sofie Dossi
    3.Nia Soux
    4.Bella Shepard
    5.Anna Cathcart
    6.Johnny Orlando
    7.Kamri Noel
    8.Hayley Leblanc
    9.Lilia Buckingham
    0.Francesca Capaldi

  11. Lol the German learning scene. Du gehst mir auf den keks means you are going on my cookie but the meaning of it is you are annoying me. Kinda weird but that's German

  12. Am I the only one that thinks that in movies or romance things the girls always freak out when they talk to boys but when the boys talk to the girls they are so confident and always make the first move .like seriously I’ve never written this much on a comment s💜

  13. Haha the german was wrong but it’s fine
    It means you are walking on the cookie
    And it’s supposed to mean you are annoying me

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