-He’s crying
-That’s so sad Yeah It’s way too quiet Hi! I’m Yuzu! “Ladies and gentlemen” “Welcome to the world of Pokemon!” “Our beloved Galar Region…” What’s this word again? Thriving? Yeah, thriving. “…is a wonderful place, with thriving nature” “beautiful cities, and many Pokemon with which we share our lives!” “As you know, our society is able to thrive…” It’s an elephant! “…thanks to help from these mysterious creatures” “that we call Pokemon.” “Yes, Pokemon are all around us” “in the sea, in the sky, and even with us in our towns!” “And those of us who choose to train Pokemon to —” what? “compete” “—to compete and battle” yeah “we call those people Pokémon Trainers!” “Now turn your gaze to the Galar region’s” “greatest Pokémon Trainer, the undefeated…’’ “Champion Dande! It’s time for his exhibition match!” I wonder who this Dande is not sure this person? maybe? “Charizard! Dynamax!” Whoaaaa Isn’t that a bit dangerous? If it grows that large -Pokemon Sword
-Yeah all those people watching would get affected Yeah It’s very, like, England-ish “Excuse me, I’m coming in!” “Hop” “Were you watching the exhibition match?” “You know the only way to cheer on my brother would be with his famous Charizard pose!” Hop! Isn’t today the big day? “Yes it is. That’s exactly why I came running over” “to get Roy!” “Never mind watching the match now!” “I’ve got all my brother’s matches — —video recorded? video recorded at home anyways” Yep! “Roy, you should come too!” “I’m sure that you’ll also be able to get some presents” so I wouldn’t forget that Bag if I were you!” “Now I’ve got to go. See you later!” oh, sorry! “*snores*” whoaa “Roy picked up the bag that his had father used” “Press the X button to open the menu!” the X button.. Town Map Well, for starters Let’s go outside -Baa!
-You’re being blocked off The environment is super clean and pretty It is, isn’t it? Way over there There’s like people gathered up Isn’t that the Champion person from earlier? Dande Who? This person The guy whose pose was so extra There he goes again! You do it too, you do it too! “Hello everyone of Brushtown!” “Your Champion, Dande, is back!” “I promise that I’ll keep doing my best to deliver” “the greatest battles for you all to watch!” “You are a — what? “invincible” — an invincible Champion!” “You and Charizard are the greatest!” “Thank you!” “I hope you’ll all carry on training up your Pokemon” “and never shy away from battle” “Then, come to me to — — challenge for the title of Champion! “challenge for the title of Champion!” “Yes sir! We’ve all been working on our “Pokemon battle skills, just like you’ve taught us, Dande!” That guy on the right has been posing the whole time lol that’s cute “But that Champion Charizard of yours is too strong!” “Certainly, my Charizard is strong” “But other Pokemon are strong as well” “That’s why I want the strongest of champ— —challengers to come battle me!” what’s this word? “My — “desire” —desire is for all of Galar’s trainers to work together” “and become the strongest in the world!” “bagyuaa!!” “So you must be Roy” “I’ve heard this and that about you from my little brother” “I’m the Galar Region’s greatest trainer” and a Charizard-loving Pokemon Champion” -“People call me the ‘Invincible Dande'”
-Invincible! “So everyone, as always!” “LET’S CHAMPION TIME!” (lol japanglish) LET’S CHAMPION TIME. “Scorbunny” “Sopple” cute Which one do you want? Torchic What? Torchic Torchic? There’s no Torchic lol This one. What’s this one called? -The rabbit
-Scorbunny -Scorbunny?
-Yeah -Omg that’s so sad
-He’s crying, yeah “You can go ahead and choose first!” “I’ve already got my Wooloo, after all” Which one do you like? Mmm I like the red colored one Stop kicking him! Oh, sorry. My bad That’s messed up -Messed up
-Okay, sorry sorry “Will you choose the fire-type Pokemon, Scorbunny?” Yes! You sure? Yep “You’ve chosen Scorbunny!” “Would you like to give Scorbunny a nickname?” Nope Well, first of all, like… there’s a whole set of Japanese Pokemon names that I gotta rem— —You want to enjoy a ‘Japanese’ Pokemon experience? Well that too but more so I have to memorize a new set of names So for now I think it’s best that I don’t use nicknames “You chose Scorbunny! You’ve got good taste!” “In that case then I’ll go with Grookey! I choose you!” -that’s so sad..
-that’s so sad.. He’s going to cry again “Look’s like you’re with me” “My Charizard is very strong, “very kind? and” -what?
-“and relentless” “and relentless” “The two of you should try out a battle” “When you’re ready, let me know!” “Is this the start of your very first Pokemon battle?” Yes! “Believe in your partner Pokemon!” “And care for them, too, with all your heart” “You’ve been challenged to a battle!” “Wooloo!” “Go! Scorbunny!” Let’s go with Tackle Go! *A critical hit!* *A criticial hit!? You’re amazing luck is also a skill!* “A critical hit!?” (echoes) Wooloo’s Tackle is pretty cute *Scorbunny used Tackle!* *The enemy Wooloo fainted!* “Grookey” There’s literally no way -no way I lose
-*Scorbunny used Ember!* *It’s super effective!* *Enemy Grookey fainted!* (alright that’s the last time I translate
every in-battle text lols fml) “You were incredible!” “Guess I now know why my brother—” “—why my brother decided to give you a Pokemon! “Both of your Pokemon were— —’Nice Fight’, ‘Good Fight’!” (lmao japanglish pt. 2) “Especially you, Roy” “You’ll be getting your very own Pokedex” “A trainer’s Pokedex helps them learn lots of things” “for example, a Pokemon’s strengths” “Just so you know, this Pokedex is more than just a— what? “an archive” —an archive of Pokemon data. ” “It’s a record of a Trainer’s love and passion for Pokemon!” “Awesome! Roy!” “If you’re going to get a Pokedex” “Look’s like it’s off to the Pokemon Research Lab!” *Slumbering Forest* -Oh, it’s a wild… what is that?
-It’s so cute! Oh, I couldn’t read it fast enough “Skwovet” Skwovet? lol -It’s so cute tho
-I need a Pokeball “Empty” -What? Then you can’t catch it!
-Yeah.. What are you going to do? That Skwovet is just free EXP for my Scorbunny Is it okay if I just… go on without him? Byebye!~ “Roy! I’m worried about Wooloo!” It’s kinda spooky Halloween Yeah… Wait, I can’t see We all know how much you loove Halloween … It’s way too quiet Wait, that’s the “What in the —?!” Is it the legendary Pokemon? Yeah thats the legendary Pokemon, right? I’m supposed to fight this? What? -There’s no way..
-What a challenge Wait.. Oh wth I guess the only thing we can do is run “I can’t see anything but are you okay!?” Aight, time to peace out *You can’t run away* -Wait what? It says I can’t run away!
-It says you can’t! Then how long am I supposed to be doing this? What if you used Growl? (lol) Growl? We’re completely blind “-I can’t see a thing!”
“-I can’t see a thing!” “Hop! Roy!!” “What did you say you saw?” “It looked super majestic and” “It had this unforeseen presence” “Our attacks couldn’t even touch it…” “Your attacks couldn’t touch it?” “So the legend of fearsome Pokemon” “in Slumbering Forest is true?” “If the two of you can get strong enough” “maybe you both can uncover the truth some day” “For now, let’s get out of Slumbering Forest” “I’m here with you now! You’re both safe” “That was an insane experience!” “This belongs on the first page in the tale of my legend!” He says that all the time Even at the end of this game, I bet he’ll say it belongs in the first page of his legend -I’m sure he will
-His legend is a one page book Alright, this way? It’s that squirrel! This one. I want this one. *A wild Rookidee appeared!* Go! Pokeball! You can do it! -Nice!
-Wow~ -I caught it
-Congratulations~ It’s here, right? -It’s so cute
-Yeah.. “Nice to meet you! Name’s Sonia.” “I’m the assistant’s profess— —Oh shoot I messed up. I’m the professor’s assistant!” “This here is Roy” “He’s the newd Pokemon Trainer. Sonia, will you plea— New. “New.. He’s the new Pokemon Trainer.” “Sonia will you please give him advice?” “So tell me, do you know alot about Pokemon?” -Yes!
-Yes! “Well said! In that case, I’ll make it so that” “you can use your Pokedex on your Rotom Phone!” *Roy received the Pokedex!* “Just so you know, that Pokedex is from my grandma” “She likes to give out presents” “She lives in the house down Route 2” Alright so, Route 2? Guess it’s this way “Got your Pokedex from Sonia?” “Then it’s time to meet lots of different Pokemon” “and start buliding up a strong team!” “However, battling strong Pokemon in the wild” “Or battling a strong trainer can” “leave your team hurt in a bad way” “For those cases, we’ve got Pokemon Centers!” “Wherever you go, Pokemon Centers” “are buildings with the exact same design” “Come on Roy! Let’s go check it out for a bit!” “Would you like to rest your Pokemon?” Yes! “I’ll take your Pokemon for a few seconds, then.” That’s cool It’s all 3D now “Thank you! We hope to see you again!” Nice But it’s so cute.. This one *A wild Yamper appeared!* Yamper I think Yamper is an electric type Oh, it IS an electric type -How can you tell?
-Ahh.. Because his tail’s like, y’know *zigzag* No way. It is? Can’t you see its tail? It’s tail It didn’t show.. Look look It’s just like Pikachu. like *Z* Hm.. Maybe a little bit? You’re already throwing your pokeball? Yeah Cuz like If the pokemon’s level is this… umm… like, small? (should’ve said ‘low’) It’s not.. Not that difficult to catch a Pokemon trainer? Alright, hold up Pokemon Scorbunny’s paralyzed so Yeah.. but didn’t you have medicine for it? I did? Ah, Paralyze Heal -I’ll use it
-Yeah “Didn’t you know that it’s proper manners to battle” “when your eyes meet a Pokemon Trainer?” Is that so? Well, yeah. In the Pokemon World. What was this called again? Skwovet He’s even wearing a Skwovet shirt *Roy received 360 Yen!* So for Pokemon Trainers Yeah? Between them all They have to pay real money? Yeah If you lose *You received 504 Yen!* *You received 306 Yen!* “Roy, you must already know about Dynamaxing, right?” “Professor Magnolia has been doing research into” “the Dynamax phenomenon for many years” “If you plan on using Dynamaxing to its fullest extent” “it takes… ” “proper knowledge” “Hey Professor! Do us a favor, will you?” -“Please convince my brother to endorse us”
-Please convince~ “Please endorse us for the Gym Challenge!” “Oh Dande, why won’t you endorse them?” Hop’s pose is so funny “Alright then! For the both of you I’ll— —what? sui sen sezaru wo enai
(I’ll endorse) sui sen sezaru wo enai
shin sei? sui sen sezaru wo enai
SUI SEN sui sen sezaru wo enai
sui sen saseru.. wo.. enai? sui sen sezaru wo enai
sui sen sezaru wo enai sui sen sezaru wo enai
sui sen sasu.. saZAru! sui sen sezaru wo enai
sezaru sui sen sezaru wo enai
sui sen sezaru wo enai (fml) —I’ll endorse you if you show me a brilliant battle!” “Of course, I’ll heal up your Pokemon first!” Whoa he got magic hands “Alright Roy! I’ll be waiting outside!” “The tale of my legend…” -“now begins!”
-“now begins!” Wooloo “Go! Rookidee!” Peck! Let’s go! Scorbunny! I love this music Why are Hop’s Pokemon so weak? Um.. not sure Return! *This match is so darn close! My kind of battle!* Close? lol not even close not even close to close You’re right. His tail IS like a lightning bolt He’s hopping so much It’s such a cute attack “I expected nothing less from my rival!” *You received an Endorsement!* He handed us nothing “Hm? What’s that!?” It’s a legendary pokemon! “Hey Roy! They’re Wishing Stars!” “Plus there’s two! I’ll give you one of them!” “Well isn’t that something?” “They say that Wishing Stars fall down for those who” “have a true wish in their hearts, you know” “I’m gonna be the greatest Trainer ever!” “I’m gonna be the greatest Trainer ever!” “I’M GONNA BE THE GREATEST TRAINER EVER!!” “There! I’ve said it three times” “So surely my wish will” “come true now, right?” “Hop, don’t be silly. Wishing Stars” “are composed of a curious sort of rock” “They are the most precious resources we have” “here in the Galar Region” “But they won’t do a thing for you in that state” “Give them to me now. I’ll have you sorted.” Seems fishy… “Right. You’ve done lots of research on the” “Dynamax phenomenon, haven’t you, Professor?” “Then please! Give Roy and me the” “power to Dynamax our Pokémon!” “Hey, you lot, why not have some dinner.” Hop is always doing that funny pose “It’s morning at last!”
“And time for our adventure to truly star!” “Those are your Dynamax Bands.” “I made them by fitting the Wishing Stars you” “found last night into those bands.” -“Professor! Thank you!!”
-Professor! “It’s just like the one Dande has on him, too.” “Now we can Dynamax our Pokémon like he does!” “The legend of my reign is finally about to begin!” Why? I bet you that you don’t want this Yeah, no thanks “Brushtown” “What was that?” It’s sparkling “Way off over that way is Engine City” “Between here and all the way over there” “are countless Pokemon waiting to be met!” “Oh, if it isn’t Sonia” “My grandma told me so many things” “That ‘those two trainers are off on a journey…” “…but what are you doing?'” “I feel bad for you..” “Well, the Wild Area is waiting for you!” “This is the start of your real adventure!” That scared me It’s so big What’s it called again? Well, it’s English name is ‘Onix’ holy its too big what’s this “That’s energy pouring out from the den!” “Pidove” frkn huge Fight… wait! I can Dynamax too? It grew so big! omg… this is actually kinda funny Oh, it’s this way Wait, wasn’t that..? Hm? What’s the name Ghastly *go-su (in japanese)* It was here just a second ago It must’ve ran off somewhere What is this? They’re so cute They look like little Santas Where are you..? I want you.. Gengar? The Pokemon that becomes a Gengar Gengar’s baby -That? Is it that thing?
-No no Something there somethings there! Scary.. -It’s following you
-It is I’ll get him next time For now It’s Engine City I feel like I’ve seen this before. Deja vu It’s that thing we saw earlier! It’s probably here ” In any case, let’s go register!” Look’s like a grandma “What’s with him..” “If you’re here to register for the Gym Challenge” “I’ll need to see your endorsements, please” “You two have succesfully registered!” “If you could now please select a preferred number” “Your number will be your uniform’s— “Back number”? Back number —back number for display” Then let’s use our anniversary day! 4-0-6 “Tomorrow, the Gym Challenge’s opening ceremonmony— ceremony! will be held here” “All the Trainers taking part have been” “booked a room at the nearby ‘Budew Drop Inn'” “League Chairman! You’re the best!!” “I’m off to check out the Budew Drop Inn!” There’s like a creepy guy over there “You must be Challenger Roy.” “The Budew Drop Inn is down this way.” “I can take you there, if you could please follow me…” Look to your right Wth is that? It’s like a -It’s like the world’s best part time job
-It’s creepy! “Challenger Roy! Budew Drop Inn is this way” “Oh hey Sonia! What’re you doing at our hotel?” “I’m researching the mysterious Pokémon that” “are said to be in the Slumbering Weald.” “I reckon if I look into some of Galar’s legends, ” “I might figure something out.” “Since you’re here anyways, care to join me?” -What the heck is this?
-What the heck is this? “It’s a statue of the hero who once” “saved the Galar region” “Huh…” oh wait. This is Hop. “Huh…~” “This hero must’ve been as strong as my bro!” “You two are staying here at the hotel tonight” “Shouldn’t you check in?” “Although the reception desk is rather noisy” “Alright, check-in” “I can already see!~ your ultimate demise!~” “I can already hear!~ your whimpering voice!~” “You’ve been challenged!” So like, since everyone can receive EXP at the same time it’s kinda too easy for leveling everyone up You couldn’t do that in older Pokemon games Zigzagoon Read it again Do it once more “When I’m sad..” No no no not like that I knew you’d say that “When I’m sad!~ My voice is unsure!~” “I wanna yell!~ But I’m unsure!~” It was a bit different this time -“What are you all doing?”
-“What are you all doing?” Who’s that “Marie!?” “I know you all are terribly curious ‘bout the” “other Gym Challengers, ” “but you gotta show a bit of restraint.” “Sorry ‘bout them! They’re just a bunch of my fans” “Called Team Yell” “I think they all went overboard this time” “So you’re a Gym Challenger, too?” “Team Yell, was it? Pretty impressive that you” “already have a set of fans to call your own!” Oh, so they’re her fans Yeah, just now they said “fans” -“Thank you so much for helping us earlier”
-“Thank you so much for helping us earlier” -“Have a pleasant stay. Good night!”
-“Have a pleasant stay. Good night!” It’s a Pikachu! “Now, I would like to invite the Gym Leaders to” “please show themselves!” They’re so cool “When I was little, I played Pokemon with my cousin” “on the Nintendo DS” “It’s been such a long time since I’ve played Pokemon” “and I was so surprised by this game’s high quality” “It seems that you can download this game online” “Even that fact alone was surprising” “Please try out this game if you haven’t already!” “Unfortunately, I was sick despite that it’s our 1st video” “Thank you so much for watching till the end!”


  1. I also saw your reddit post! I just started watching the video so I haven't seen much yet but so far I'm surprised by Leon's (champion w/ charizard) name being different.

  2. Hey dude! Excited to see you guys doing your thing. I'm about 8 months into Japanese, n2 level reading can't speak for shit yet but hopefully these will help. Please keep makin these.

  3. Yeah, glad you posted that! This’ll really gonna help me match pronunciations with kanji, and comprehension for reading and listening. I’m glad the subs aren’t built in, so I can turn them on only when I don’t understand something. This is an awesome idea, thanks for doing it!

  4. Thank you so much for doing this! I’m only on week two of actually studying Japanese instead of just lightly trying. Definitely subbing!

    Wanted to get Shield for this exact reason. I play a few mobile games in Japanese to help (like Tabikaeru 旅かえる。). And using a Japanese keyboard can be fun but only if I already know the romaji of a word LOL.

  5. Hey there, my wife is Japanese as well, and I speak Japanese. I am playing this together with her, and I would love to do something like this as well. Keep up the good work!

  6. I also made a Japanese Pokemon video but I am nowhere near as good as you are now. Keep it up, the channel is already having a good start!


    ►豊かな [ゆたかな/thriving]

    ►競い合う [きそいあう/to compete]

    ►無敵 [むてき/invincible(literally 'no enemies')]

    ►挑戦 [ちょうせん/challenge]

    ►願い [ねがい/desire]

    ►厳しい [きびしい/strict, relentless]

    ►急所 [きゅうしょ/critical hit, vital point]

    ►詰まる [つまる/to fill with]

    ►推薦せざるを得ない [すいせんせざるをえない/to NOT be able to NOT RECOMMEND. basically TO RECOMMEND] SCREW this word – Roy

    ►唱える[となえる/to chant]

    ►開会式[かいかいしき/opening ceremony]

    ►レッツチャンピオンタイム [れっつちゃんぴおんたいむ/LETS CHAMPION TIME]

  8. if making something like this just a great and original idea, but going even further with 36 minutes of subtitles, extra stuff and listening to your fan feedback is supposed to be hard work so first minutes in you deserve my respect 🙂

  9. Just a simple question. If the game is bought in a different country (like japan for example) does the game still let you choose your language?

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