How to Draw a Football Player Quarterback – Easy Step by Step Art Lesson

Hey guys! Mr. Clark here. Today, let’s draw a FOOTBALL QUARTERBACK! Quarterbacks lead the offense downfield by passing, pitching or handing off the ball to their teammates. They touch the ball on almost every down and can even call plays in the huddle. It’s a very important position, and a lot of fun to draw! Let’s draw a quarterback with his arm stretched
back ready to throw the ball. We’ll even design his uniform later when
we color him in. Ok, lets get started with his helmet. His
helmet is round. It sticks out here at the top of the opening
and finishes down here where the chinstrap will be. Continue the line for the opening of the helmet curving down and connecting to the other side. He has a facemask attached to the helmet to
protect his face. There a many types of helmets and facemasks
all designed to prevent injuries and make it easier for the player to focus on the game. Some helmets even have headsets built inside to help the quarterback communicate with coaches and teammates! Awesome! Now just below his helmet, draw his
body with big shoulder pads on either side. His arms are open out to the side with his
throwing arm stretched back ready to launch a pass. I’ll draw his arm starting from the end
of the shoulder pad. He’s got big strong muscles, so continue
his arm bending with a point here at his elbow and stopping up near his wrist. Have fun drawing muscles on your quarterback. He’s gripping the football up in this hand, and I want the ball to be about the same width as his head. I’ll make little points, and round off the
football and seam. I’ll even draw his fingers poking up over the ball and his thumb gripping down here. Quarterbacks learn how to throw the ball with pinpoint accuracy – and hope the defense doesn’t intercept it. His other arm is also extended out. So draw
it coming from under the other shoulder pad. His elbow is bent up, and his hand is open
so we can see the palm of his hand. Draw the outline of his hand. If it helps, try looking at your own hand to give you a better idea of the positioning you want. I want his fingers bent slightly and I’ll
add some wrinkles to his palm. Nice! We’ll add more details soon after
we finish his legs. His strong, fast legs are staggered, and he’s
pushing off his back foot for leverage. Think of the different parts of the leg and
be sure to curve out for his thigh, his calf and end down here at his foot. I’ll complete the outline of his back leg. Here is where his pants end – right at the
knee. Finish this leg with the other side of the
calf and foot. Now, His front leg is slightly lifted and
bent more at the knee. So, coming from the top of his leg – remember
that he has pads on his thighs to protect him when he gets tackled. Continue the outline of his knee and end down
at his front foot. Draw the other side of his leg and cut it
off here for his pant leg. Football players wear lots of protective equipment
like kneepads, rib guards and mouthpieces. It’s a tough sport and quarterbacks do their
best not to get hit too often. Finish the bottom of his leg and again curve
out for his calf and his heel. He’s got cleats on his feet for better traction on the field. The spikes under the cleat dig into the grass to prevent slipping. Cool! Now we can go back through and add some
details to our quarterback. He needs a number! Every player wears a number
on his jersey – usually on his or her chest and back to help referees officiate the game. I’ll choose the number eight. NFL quarterbacks can only wear the numbers one through nineteen, but pick your favorite number! I’ll even add numbers on his shoulders. My quarterback will have a logo on his helmet. I’ll draw a C – for the Crickets! Yeah. We can also draw wrinkles on his jersey and pants to show movement. Wrinkles in the fabric help show the position of his body while he’s throwing the ball. It’s a good way to make your drawing look
more realistic. I’ll add some high socks on both feet, And a towel hanging off his far hip so he can wipe his hands off before a throw. One of the quarterback’s primary duties
is to call plays in the huddle. Some quarterbacks wear wristbands with codes to help them remember audibles and play calls. I’ll draw a band on each wrist. All right! We drew a FOOTBALL QUARTERBACK! Ok, we’re finished drawing, now let’s
add some color! I’m going to use my Crayola ‘Twistables’
colored-pencils. I’ll choose orange and blue for his jersey,
brown for his skin and green for his grass stains. Use these and other colors to color your Quarterback the way you’d like him, and remember to have fun – be creative! Ok, are you ready? All right, Let’s Color! Yeah! We did it! We colored a FOOTBALL QUARTERBACK! Subscribe to Creative Cricket for more cool art lessons like this. I hope you had fun! And if you enjoyed this, please like the video! And remember – Be Creative, and make it your own! Thanks for watching!


  1. wow good luck show me how to draw a receiver you can be one just like me Little League football is my sport happy drawing.

  2. hey did you make my drawing yet I am still waiting for it I just can't wait to see it is going to be cool with all the other videos to make just sitting there with all the good videos

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